ME vs you







A lot of expectations from people who can’t face your reality

Everyone want’s everyone to act some sort of way forgetting that even we can’t act like that

I tell myself every time that I’m created for a reason. Mother Universe didn’t just sit back and watch me form, She took time

There’s purpose in everything we do

Every action we take

Actions that maybe lead us to doom , regret or leave us staring back at our mental Health wondering if we really are okay.

Today I want to be a Doctor because you have told me how their job is to save lives and you will be proud if I become one. I start to vision it because I can’t let you down. Do you even know i hate to see blood and anytime i lost a tooth the metallic taste used to disgust me.

I suck at the subjects related to it and i think it’s high time I stepped out of the dream and become who I have realized I want to be

I have bodied Future me

Future me will have no regrets following what suits her

Future me will live in peace

I’m not doing this as a Rebel or whatever

I’m doing it for Me

For the Path I choose to follow

You want me to be like her , only because she has curves and her Slay game is a hundred

She definitely has good packaging

Her lips?

Oh! Soft and succulent as if you’ve even had a taste

Skin like milk because of what the sun and camera had captured

What a beautiful Lady

You want me to forget who I am and live in another person’s shadow

I refuse!

I am ME and refuse to live in someone else’s shadow just because you think her lifestyle will suit me more

He’s so dreamy!

Oh I wish you’d be like him

His eyes , lips , muscles

As if you’ve felt them?

He plays basketball and he’s excellent in soccer

I am an avid reader and I love to sing

So what?

I’ll never try to be what I can’t

And I’m definitely not going to break my leg during soccer just because you wish i could

There’s time really for everyone

Never reduce yourself to something else just because you’re trying so hard to fit in and follow the crowd.

Yes ! They call you weird

Yes! They say you are rude

Yes ! They judge

They always do

I won’t bend to your silly opinions when i know what suits me

And so what if everyone is even doing it?

Its my choice

My decision

It’s all about me

Making a difference

My Weird is cool

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SKINCARE , part 1; journey

Hello guys,

Welcome back to my blog.

Today, I’ll be talking about my skincare journey and how it’s been so far for me🙂.

Well, for the past years I’d always had rashes that pop up any time its hot . The weather in my country doesn’t help matters at all but I’ve been able to handle it. Most times , i feel like something is poking holes and there comes itching . My worst nightmare .

I’ve used a lot of products and I want you to understand that you have to find what works for you and its okay if it takes time. I’m hoping what has started working for me will work for you too.

I have oily skin , sometimes i think it’s combination skin anyways

These products I’m using can work for any skin type i guess and it doesn’t bleach or whatever y’all think.

These are what i started using and they work

They’re mostly from the Body Shop and you can get them in nearby Supermarket’s if you search well

I use a medicated Soap ; Crusader soap to be precise . For two reasons; it’s not too harsh for my skin and my friend from IG recommended it because it worked for her.

Most of the products are from the body shop

The night mask is very Efficient

The toner once in a week with the cotton pads

The facial wash everyday

The No 7 products contain Spf and its after I’ve washed my face

The night creams for the night. They’re the best actually.

Toner and the facial wash
No 7 products with One that contains SPF and the Serum
Actually my Holy Grail for skinnnnn

If you have rashes like me, heat rashes to be precise , you can use Aloe vera or use oatmeal. It helps reduce the rashes . Apple cider works too and Tea Tree Oil . For the oil I’d advise everyone to check it out to see if it’s really good or your skin and doesn’t have side effects . I had a lot of reaction after using the oil though so just a suggestion.

I eat a lot of Fruits and drink so much water. This helps with glowing skin and makes you healthy.

I use face masks once in a while to soothe my skin and it helps really. Masks like Tea tree mud mask . Indian Healing clay mask works for a lot of people too from what I’ve seen and read.

These products have changed my life . Now most of the rashes on my face , neck and chest have subsided and whenever there’s heat and i get heat rashes, it’s not as bad as it used to be again and I’m thankful .

Before now, i never liked to touch my face because of how rough it was. Annoying actually because its not only Acne but tiny dots on your face that translate to so much emotions and all.

I use a hand sponge to wash my face all the time.

It’s harsh i know, konjac sponges too so what’s your excuse?

I know that you’re doing too much and you can’t see the results of what you pay money for

Relax! Sometimes you find out that it clears naturally and these products will take time to work with you .

I’d advise to try to be shaded most times and try not to stress too much to avoid sweating and all

Bathe at least twice a day and wash your face up to any amount of time you’ll give.

There’s a lot more on the homemade ways . Creating masks and all naturally, so stay tuned

I hope this helps someone battling skincare and how to curb it to an extent .

I want you to also understand that whatever u try doesn’t begin to show result immediately.

It takes a lot of time🙂. Avoid touching your face too or letting people do so .

If you have used anyone, kindly post your comments ,which product you used and how it turned out for you.

Thank you for Reading❤️

SHORY STORY; cheers to our love

The day is a busy day and she’s outside trying to work her way in the busy crowd in the market today . There’s so much shouting and a lot of murmurs all at the same time. She wonders how people derive joy in even coming to this place where everyone can’t be in peace for once. This has to be the last time this week she’s doing it and she’ll never come here again to buy those Ugwu leaves for her mom in Mama Nkems shop.

The road to her shop is very narrow and today of all days is when the floor decides to be slippery and wet from the early morning rain.

She looks at her tiny feet in the bathroom slippers

Who even asked her to wear these in the first place. She definitely wasn’t thinking well this morning.

Her only happiness is that today she can see the love of her life and finally spend time today with her love

She misses the long waits before her love gets ready and how she has to sit to wait for her love to be prepared before they set out for the journey. The smooth skin and the softness

Makes her run crazy

Oh she misses her love and the likes of what her love is really about

She remembers the last time she was with her love and how emotions had the best of her.

So many flavours that hot afternoon under the Ukwu Oroma beside Mama Nkems shop in that secluded area

She couldn’t really say how she felt whenever she was around her love

All she knows is today , she would devour her love with passion and her love doesn’t stand a chance.

On her way to the shop, as she walks , she steps on something and next thing she knows is that now she’s on the ground

Curse this stupid market!

Nobody would pick her up because that’s how busy this silly market is

No one would notice she fell

Infact , even if they noticed, they couldn’t care less

Her purple dress is soiled and she gets up and keeps walking until she reaches her shop

Uche welcomes her today

He is Mama Nkems second son and sometimes he stays here

She asks him where his mom is and he says that she’s travelled for a church meeting

She smiles and can see his lips parting too

We will be alone today inside the shop and noone would be able to disturb my love for me

She’d lock the shop and I’d eat my love in peace.

She would also spread her legs snd wait for her love

Uche brings the plates of pounded yam and white soup with a sachet of water


Her love is here

She can eat in peace finally

She can come up with the silliest of excuses today and her mom would believe her anyways.

She would eat with passion before she bothered about asking for those cursed leaves that made her leave her house every morning

She eats with so much devotion

After all, this particular dish never disappoints.

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I hope you enjoyed the short story on one of my favorite dishes today.

If yes, what’s your favorite meal and how does it make you feel?

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TRANSITION, what not

My weight gain journey

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog

Today, I’ll be talking about my weight gain journey and how it has affected me so far.

My experience and what I still need to do to keep shape😁.

Most times , when we hear transition, it’s always about loosing weight and trying to keep fit or eating to gain weight to become thick. There’s more to it anyways

Back in January, I weighed not more than 48 kg and this lasted till July 2019. From what I was told by the doctor, I was underweight for my age. I’m 18 years by the way.

Sometimes craving food is entirely different from developing an appetite to eat the food you crave and it gets worse when you’re picky with food. I’m such a picky person when it comes to food that I’ll not eat anything that specifically has an ingredient or a food item that do not like.

And breakfast has never been my thing but now I eat most times in the morning and I’ve found out that it’s actually the most important meal of the day. There’s less headaches and dizziness during morning classes for me.

I have always wanted to have an appetite of eating and most times its how we program our minds to work that sends messages to be effective in our body.

I started to take weight gain tablets but instead of craving for food, I was always sleepy and never in the mood to eat food

I was only interested in junk junk junk!

Soft drinks and biscuits and all

I’m not a fan of anything healthy , so I know that my being skinny was risky

I had always wanted to add a little weight not that I don’t like myself the way i am but because it’s my decision and whatever you decide to do with your body is your choice.

Now I weigh almost 65kg

Nope it’s not much

Bones even carry more weight in the body

Tips to gain more weight ;

I started with zeal to start eating

Then one bottle of Apetamine also helped

A lot of sleep and rest

Less stress

Eating more of healthy food ; salads , little veggies and even a lot of fruits

Junk food and soft drinks

And once again, trying your best to avoid anything that will stress you

How I’m maintaining this weight and coping with new changes;

Its not easy letting go of favorite clothes that can’t fit anymore but its what i want so there’s a satisfaction knowing that some clothes start to tighten around your body while some can’t even size you again

Then few exercises just to keep fit like walking, climbing the stairs, jogging and a little bit of yoga. Yes there’s nothing wrong when you start to see folds or stretch marks

Accept it and you could do sit ups to get a desired shape for your tummy but never ever should it bother you😘

Walking on the road and getting new reactions from people saying you’ve added weight

Some can be negative, but I couldn’t care less

Note that, its a process and it doesn’t just happen in a day

The best is keeping your mind open to accommodate so much food.

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CONFIDENCE, and its perks

You aren’t good enough?

Who even gave them the right to judge you

Who says you don’t know your worth ?

There’s more than a billion people in the world and I’m sorry if you feel that the opinion if just one person or a few people can alter your life.

Only the creator gives life and SHE moulds us beautifully .

We are the masterpiece she has set up

Yet you still keep the insults you’re thrown at to yourself?

You want to take the life the creator gives as if you bore yourself

I know you’re trying to hang on

I know it’s hard

I know they’re saying things about you

Nasty things

Hold on

Don’t do it

It will end in tearsssssssss

Then I wonder how my worth could be determined by another person as if I don’t own my own body

My body is mine and not yours

So why would i want to trade it for anything?

If you really care the way you do, you will see past the flesh and that would be genuine

There’s a lot of voices in your head

I’m sorry you have to go through this

But hang on,

It’s not easy trying to still cling unto life

I know you already feel lifeless and you can hold your shadow already

Hang on

These people, they choose to be mean because they’re also battling

They also look in the mirror and break

They’re insensitive

That should not bother you

There is effort put into anything that’s about to be made

Effort cannot be wasted

There is use for everything

They want to oppress you to make you feel bad

Prove them wrong

Stand with your principles

Do not stutter

If you stutter


If you can’t write


If you can’t sing


What ever passes the message that you are strong

You are beautiful

You are handsome

And most of all confident

No matter the medium

You’re a Star

Light that someone else should not dim.

Theres a purpose

A niche to be carved

Be You.

Let’s start to take ourselves more seriously and stop getting riled up by the smallest of things

We’re all special

-By Ernestine Okafor

Self Love

Everyone is unique in their own way and made differently from the other. Even twins carry out different traits.

There’s so much insecurities now because of the way we see others and thats not right.
Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and do what works for them to make them happy.
I am a dark skinned girl and wouldn’t change my skin tone for anything because i feel someone fairer gets all the attention.
Everyone has different taste and what works for me clearly won’t work for you all the time.
Following trends just to try to fit in?
I can only chop my hair off when i want to do it not because of i see someone doing it and i feel it looks good on the person.
You might look like an egg in the end .
Before, I couldn’t even look into the mirror because i felt i was very ugly. I didn’t have enough shape , my breasts weren’t round enough or my butt🤦🏾‍♀️
I was depressed and felt that I wasn’t good enough
The truth is i had a lot of insecurities and I listened to what people told me
Big nose, such a village accent, annoying voice, big lips , big head , flat ass and it really got to me.
I’d be doing anything in my power just to try to avoid the insults. Trust me , its like living in your shadow.
It took a while to realize that we all change and its only when you’re comfortable around yourself that people admire you.
The way people view me now is the least of my concern and infact I don’t care what you say about me. As long as I’m healthy you can say whatever you want to say.
Sometimes everyone has to be something 
You’re fat? Lucky you
You’re skinny? Lucky you
Everyone has what makes them stand out from others
so never try to live other people’s lives just because you feel you aren’t good enough.